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WILDWOOD:Things to See &
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North Wildwood , Wildwood and Wildwood Creats New Jersey are excellent beach locales on the Jersey Shore in Southern New Jersey. Officially, North Wildwood is a borough of Cape May County, New Jersey, which is located on the southern tip of the Garden State. North Wildwood is, one of five segments of The Wildwoods, a popular getaway location. No matter who you are, from young singles to retirees, North Wildwood , Wildwood and Wildwood Crest has some of the best the Jersey shore has to offer.

The Beaches-

The famed Jersey Shore ( including North Wildwood, Wildwood, and Wildwood Creast ) has, for generations, been the place that many residents of Philadelphia, New Jersey, & New York have taken their families and friends for unforgettable vacations in the sun. The chance to just lie and take in the sun, get some summer reading done, or watch the kids play in the surf is a great release from the stress of everyday life. The Wildwoods ( North Wildwood, Wildwood and Wildwood Crest )offering one of the only free NewJersey beaches left.



Moreys Piers is an extremely popular Amusement Park in New Jersey, located in  North Wildwood and Wildwood. Over one hundred rides and attractions, spread out over five facilities, set Moreys Pier apart as a wonderland for kids of all ages, and everyone else in the family, for that matter.



Raging Waters - water Park (1 of 3 ) in North Wildwood and Wildwood are some serious business for NJ water lovers. Among the many awesome water rides is an 1100 foot long Endless River, The Shipwreck Shoals children's play area, Shotgun Falls drop slides, The Rope Swing, head first super slides and an Interactive Activity Pool with Cargo Net and Lily Pad Walk.



North Wildwood , Wildwood , and Wildwood Creast  Boardwalk-

For residents and vacationers alike, the Wildwoods  Boardwalk comes to life from early Spring until late Fall and the town wakes up as the extreme excitement abounds. Vacationers traveling to the Wildwoods for a day, week, or for the summer start feeling the exhilaration as soon as they step foot onto the Boardwalk. This is a place that the kids will talk about for a long time.